Natasha Castellano

Natasha was born in Los Angeles, California, moved to Lima, Peru when she was five-years-old, and grew up with her father and sister.  Now married with two daughters, ages 23 and 18, Natasha has always loved to exercise.

In 2000, her father died of colon cancer; this difficult event caused her to have a new perspective on life.  While taking care of her father, she discovered that exercise was helping her deal with stress and stay more focused.  For Natasha, exercise was not about becoming a size 0; it was about developing a stronger body and mind to be able to better deal with any circumstances presented in life.

Natasha also has always felt the need to help others and following her father’s death, started volunteering in the pediatric department at a cancer treatment hospital.  She primarily helped with Aprendo Contigo, a program that provides stability and confidence to children confined to a hospital bed and those undergoing treatment as outpatients. According to Natasha, “It was a wonderful experience and I learned so much from the kids…..mostly how they can get all the strength they lack physically from a strong positive mind.”

In 2002, Natasha and her family moved from Lima to Germantown, Maryland to begin a new life.  She arrived in the U.S. determined to change people’s lives.  She first became a certified Spinning instructor and then continued her education with a certification in personal training, specializing in Cancer Recovery and Pilates.  In 2008, after having worked for Fitness First Health Clubs for 5 years, she was promoted to head trainer at the Germantown location.

In October 2009, Natasha resigned her position as head trainer to begin her own business: Kallpa Fitness.  She currently trains clients with a mind-body approach at Anytime Fitness in Germantown, in clients’ homes, and through Pilates one-on-one training in her home studio.  She also teaches Spinning, and Pilates mat classes at Gold’s Gym and at Anytime Fitness in Germantown.